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THScope ( Logiciel )

Management and Diagnostics for Industrial Networks

TH SCOPE is a software product for industrial network management and network diagnostics. Geared to plant operators and maintenance personnel, TH SCOPE is an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution for permanent monitoring and predictive maintenance, for acceptance testing and for troubleshooting. Combined with TH LINK components, the product supports PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP protocols.
The PROFINET Commissioning Report functionality is now available in new THSCOPE Release. Download the new THSCOPE under ‘Downloads’ section.

Versatile Solution for a Wide Variety of Diagnostics Applications

  • Network commissioning, acceptance testing
  • Stationary operation for continuous monitoring
  • Fault localization and identification in case of failure

Comprehensive Representation and Analysis of Diagnostic Data

  • Data on network communication (e.g. load, error statistics)
  • Data from network configuration (e.g. device names, firmware versions, topology)
  • Diagnostic messages (network and device diagnostics)
  • Data collection also from standard Ethernet devices (e.g. PCs or camera systems)

Optimized for Maintenance Users

  • Easy and intuitive handling and operation
  • No expert knowledge of IT or networks required
  • Support of various network protocols (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP)

Flexible Integration into Existing Systems and Processes

  • Integration of network data into monitoring tools and supervisory control systems via SNMP or OPC
  • Export of all diagnostic data, support of further processing in applications such as Excel
  • Web-based access, local or remote
  • Network overview with network and device status plus diagnostic messages with troubleshooting recommendations
  • Analysis of device logs
  • Live list, statistics, inventory
  • GSDML file support, plaintext messages in diagnostic list
  • Topology and trend analysis
  • Automatic e-mail notification in case of fault
  • Reference comparison
  • Acceptance measurements and acceptance reports
  • Data export via Excel
Supported Protocols PROFIBUS (TH SCOPE V2.2),
PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP (TH SCOPE V2.2 and TH SCOPE V3.0)
  • SNMP Agent
  • OPC Classic DA Server
System Requirements
  • Web browser with Adobe Flash Player 14 or higher
    (for TH SCOPE V2.2, not required for TH SCOPE V3.0)
  • Adobe Reader 8 or higher for reading the documentation and for printing the topology
Supported Operating Systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1,
Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2
Network Access Data collection through TH LINK (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and Industrial Ethernet)
Demo Version Full TH SCOPE functionality can be used for free for 30 days after installation
Licensing Via software or hardware key
 Scope of Delivery
Software TH SCOPE (by download from Softing‘s website)
License Software or hardware key
Documentation Installation Manual, User Manual, Release Note
Order Numbers
ATV-LRA-JY-003024 TH SCOPE (software key)
ATV-LRL-JY-003025 TH SCOPE (hardware key)
Additional Products and Services
ATV-GDA-JY-003037 TH LINK Industrial Ethernet
ATV-LRA-JY-003028 TH LINK PC Industrial Ethernet

If your network is protected by a second firewall in addition to the Windows firewall, make sure that the following settings are made to allow TH SCOPE services to communicate properly.

  • Enabling of HTTP port 80 – inbound and outbound
  • Enabling of SNMP port 161 inbound or port 2367 (if port 161 is used by another SNMP agent).
  • Enabling of IP port 2364 UDP outbound
  • Enabling of UDP ports 2365 outbound and 2366 inbound


The following ports are used by TH SCOPE for internal communication only:

  • Port 22
  • Port 80
  • Port 1100
  • Ports 1123 – 1151
  • Port 1500
  • Port 1501
  • Ports 2363 – 2366
  • Ports 49152 – 49171

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Administration et gestion de réseaux avec analyse de réseaux Profibus

Accéder aux réseaux PROFIBUS avec une application FDT, AMS d’Emerson et TH Scope de Softing

THLINK PROFIBUS  fournit un accès indépendant du controlleur, aux réseaux PROFIBUS, pour la gestion et la maintenance.  L’outil supporte à la fois : la gestion du réseaux mais aussi l’analyse du réseaux Profibus.. THLINK PROFIBUS est facile d’utilisation et s’intègre très facilement avec le réseau PROFIBUS existant.

Independent Access to PROFIBUS Network

  • Controller-independent
  • Independent of configuration tools
  • Access for plant asset management applications to configure field devices based on FDT/DTM and EDDL standards (acyclic master)

Designed for Installation without Interference with Plant Operation

  • Connection to PROFIBUS network also possible during operation of the plant
  • Easy integration into existing plants thanks to compact design
  • Browser access for administration and configuration purposes

Powerful Data Collection Capabilities Optimized for PROFIBUS

  • Passive listening to PROFIBUS DP protocol
  • Threshold monitoring for frame retries
  • Statistics for optimization of the network configuration
  • Easy detection of missing terminating resistors

Optimized for Use by Maintenance Engineers

  • Central and time-saving parameterization of PROFIBUS and HART field devices directly from the control room
  • Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting for PROFIBUS networks
  • Fault identification with intelligent troubleshooting assistance
  • Seamless integration with TH SCOPE diagnostics software
  • Network detection and data collection (PROFIBUS DP)
  • Acyclic master (PROFIBUS DP-V1)
  • Alarm notification in case of fault
  • Basic monitoring, configuration
  • Integrated web server
Supported Plant Asset Management Applications e.g.:

  • Endress+Hauser FieldCare
  • Emerson AMS Suite
  • Yokogawa Fieldmate
  • PACTware
PROFIBUS Transmission Rate
  • max. 12 MBit/s (AMS Device Manager, FDT)
  • max. 1.5 MBit/s (TH SCOPE)
Input Voltage 24 VDC (19.2 VDC … 28.8 VDC)
Current consumption max. 190 mA
Operating Temperature 0 °C … 50 °C
PROFIBUS interface RS 485
Ethernet Port RJ-45 (10Base-T/100Base-TX)
Mounting 35 mm DIN rail
Dimensions (H x W x D) 22.5 x 99 x 114.5 mm
Weight 120 g
Certificate CE

    Scope of Delivery

    Documentation Installation Manual, Release Notes (by download)

    Additional Products and Services

    LRA-JY-003024 TH SCOPE (software key)
    LRL-JY-003025 TH SCOPE (hardware key)
    LRA-NN-021980 DTM Library
    VAA-YY-023000 PACTware
    VAA-NM-023001 TACC


Carte universelle PROFIBUS, format PCI Express, pour une utilisation Maitre ou Esclave

Simple ou double canaux, l’interface PB-PRO1 est une interface au format PCI Express pour l’intégration de PC/ Servers dans une architecture PROFIBUS. la carte PB-PRO1-PCIE, permet d’utiliser vos PC comme “contrôleur”, Système de contrôle d’applications et panneau opérateur.

Support of PROFIBUS Master or Slave Functionality

The protocol required for the specific use case is user selectable and executed on the PBpro PCI Express board. As a DP slave, the board integrates the PC into overlying control architectures. Configured as a DP master, the board turns the PC itself into the controller. As a DP Master Class 2, it provides the basis for parameterization and asset management tasks. In addition, integration into FMS systems or proprietary applications is just as easy and unproblematic as direct access at the lowest protocol level (FDL). This makes the PBpro PCI Express a universal interface solution and allows manufacturers to optimize the overhead costs and the inventory for their PROFIBUS options.

Rapid Integration With the Right Software Interface

The included PROFIBUS driver software is complemented with many sample programs that demonstrate how to use the PROFIBUS API. Commented sample programs show how this is done. A matching Softing OPC Server, which is available as an optional standard interface, quickly and easily connects any application that has an integrated OPC client. Typical applications include visualization, SCADA or MES systems. FDT compliant parameterization tools use the PROFIdtm Communication DTM from Softing as a link to the board. Used with the free STEP7 driver, the board can also provide a PG/PC adapter for programming Siemens controllers.

Application in a Wide Variety of Target Systems

In addition to standard Windows environments, the PBpro PCI Express board also supports Windows CE.NET as a real-time environment. On request, Softing’s team of engineers can customize the board according to customer specifications.

Master/Slave, Single Channel 1)  Slave, Single Channel 1) Master/Slave, Dual Channel
DP-V0 Master
DP-V1 Master: Acyclic C2 Services
DP-V0 Slave
Fieldbus Connection 9-Pin D-Sub Female, RS485, Galvanically Isolated
Transfer Rates 9.6; 19.2; 45.45; 93.75; 187.5; 500; 1500; 3000; 6000; 12000 Kbit/s
PC Interface PCI Express x1 According to PCIe r1.0a and CEM 1.1, 512 KB Shared RAM per Channel
Operating Temperature 0 oC .. +55 oC
Storage Temperature -20 oC .. +70 oC
Relative Humidity < 90%, Non-Condensing
Dimensions [mm] 168 x 69  168 x 69 168 x 103
Power Supply
Supply Voltage 3.3V / 12V (± 5%) DC
Current Consumption [mA] typ. 500 / 90 typ. 500 / 90 typ. 640 / 170
Drivers available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
PB-PRO 1-PCIE (PB-PRO 1-PCIE/LP1)) Master/Slave, Single Channel 1)
PB-PRO 1S-PCI E(PB-PRO 1S-PCIE/LP1)) Slave, Cingle Channel 1)
PB-PRO 2-PCIE Master/Slave, Dual Channel

Scope of Delivery

PC interface Board, CD with Drivers, Documentation and Sample Programs

Additional Products and Services

DCF-DY-4100 OPC Server for S7 / S5
TRA-PB-TECH PROFIBUS Technology Training

1) Also Available with Low Profile Slot Bracket



Carte d’interface à un ou deux canaux au format PCI universel pour l’intégration des PC dans les architectures PROFIBUS en tant que contrôleurs de machines, applications de contrôle de supervision, dispositifs de terrain ou panneaux opérateurs.


Fonctionalité PROFIBUS Maître et esclave supportée

Le protocole requis pour le cas d’utilisation spécifique peut être sélectionnable par l’utilisateur et exécuté sur la carte PBpro PCI. En tant qu’esclave DP, la carte intègre le PC dans des architectures de contrôle superposées. Configurée comme maître DP, la carte transforme le PC lui-même en contrôleur. En tant que DP Master Class 2, il constitue la base des tâches de paramétrage et de gestion d’actifs. En outre, l’intégration dans des systèmes FMS ou des applications propriétaires est tout aussi simple et sans problème que l’accès direct au niveau de protocole le plus bas (FDL). Cela fait du PBpro PCI une solution d’interface universelle et permet aux fabricants d’optimiser leurs productions et l’inventaire pour leurs options PROFIBUS.

Intégration rapide grâce à l’interface adaptée

Le logiciel de pilote PROFIBUS inclus est complété par de nombreux exemples de programmes qui démontrent comment utiliser l’API PROFIBUS. Des exemples de programmes commentés montrent comment faire. Un serveur OPC Softing correspondant, qui est disponible en tant qu’interface standard facultative, se connecte rapidement et facilement à n’importe quelle application qui possède un client OPC intégré. Les applications typiques incluent la visualisation, les systèmes SCADA ou MES. Les outils de paramétrage compatibles FDT utilisent le PROFIdtm Communication DTM de Softing comme lien vers la carte. Utilisée avec le pilote STEP7 (gratuit), la carte peut également fournir un adaptateur PG / PC pour la programmation des automates Siemens.

Grande variété d’applications

la carte prend en charge de nombreux autres systèmes d’exploitation et environnements en temps réel. Sur demande, nous pouvons personnaliser les drivers, selon les spécifications du client.

Master/Slave, Single Channel 1) Slave, Single Channel 1) Master/Slave, Dual Channel
PROFIBUS Protocol  
DP-V0 Master
DP-V1 Master: Acyclic C2 Services
DP-V2 Master 2)
DP-V0 Slave
Fieldbus Connection 9-Pin D-Sub Female, RS485, Galvanically Isolated
Transfer Rates 9.6; 19.2; 45.45; 93.75; 187.5; 500; 1500; 3000; 6000; 12000 Kbit/s
PC Interface PCI V2.2, 128 KB Shared RAM per Channel
Operating Temperature 0oC..+55oC
Storage Temperature -20oC..+70oC
Relative Humidity < 90%, Non-Condensing
Dimensions [mm] 168×64 168×64 168×107
Power Supply
Supply Voltage 5V/3.3V(±5%)DC
Current Consumption [mA] Typ. 500 / 200 Typ. 500 / 200 Typ. 700 / 300
Drivers available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

1) Also Available with Low Profile Slot Bracket
2) DP-V2 Available for Custom Integration. Please contact Softing to discuss your specific requirements.

PB-PRO 1-PCI (PB-PRO 1-PCI/LP1)) Master/Slave, Single Channel 1)
PB-PRO 1S-PCI (PB-PRO 1S-PCI/LP1)) Slave, Single Channel 1)
PB-PRO 2-PCI Master/Slave, Dual Channel

Scope of Delivery

PC interface Board, CD with Drivers, Documentation and Sample Programs

Additional Products and Services

OPC-PB3) PROFIBUS OPC Server for DP-V0 / DP-V1
DCF-DY-41003) OPC Server for S7 / S5
TRA-PB-TECH PROFIBUS Technology Training

1) Also Available with Low Profile Slot Bracket
3) Requires PROFIBUS Master Interface Board

Formation disponible. Pour plus d’information, contactez nous