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Leakage current clamp for measuring leakage current : PB-LSZ-CHB3


  • The PB-LSZ-CHB3 clamp allows the measurement of leakage currents; eg: leak, Measures leakage currents, e.g. leakage and fault currents, and current pick-up of instruments without breaking the circuit.
  • Measurements according to DIN VDE 0701/0702 and the German BetrSichV (BGV A3, VBG 4).
  • With formidable reliability, this clamp detects very possible leakage currents, resulting from ElectroMagnetic field (EMC) problems.
  • PB-LSZ-CHB3 Features: Measuring leakage currents Measurement of differential currents Resistance and voltage measurement Measuring frequency for AC current / Voltage: 40 Hz…1 kHz
  • Acoustic continuity test MIN/MAX and relative measurement Manual selection of the measuring range integrated data hold Additional bar graph display
  • Clamp opening: opening up to: 30 mm Automatic expansion Digital clamp for measuring leakage currents: 2 1.5 V IEC LR6 batteries,
  • protective cover,
  • measuring cables (1 x red, 1 x black) and user manual.


Ref: ATV-DDA-ZZ-004010 (formerly: PB-LSZ-CHB3)