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dataFEED Exporter


dataFEED Exporter: Export Symbol data from STEP7 or TIA Portal for dataFEED OPC suite, uaGate, EdgeGate and Echocollect
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dataFEED Exporter : Export of Siemens Symbols from TIA Portal or STEP 7

Simple Symbol Export

  • Export of symbolic names from Siemens TIA Portal and SIMATIC STEP 7 projects
  • No TIA Portal or STEP 7 know-how required for exporting symbol information
  • Selection of data blocks to be available via Softing products
  • Later adjustment of .sdfi file by adding/deleting individual symbols
  • Chance for changing symbol names afterwards
  • Smart wizard for export in a few steps
  • Display of symbol and syntax information via tooltips

Secure Encrypted Softing Symbol File

  • Creation of encrypted symbol files for import into Softing products
  • Output of exported symbols into encrypted secure .sdfi file
  • Full protection of Siemens project as only symbol information is stored
  • Chance to assign of read / write attributes for exported symbols at later stage

Perfect Addition to Softing Products

  • Software usable with dataFEED OPC Suite, dataFEED OPC Server Siemens, uaGate SI, edgeGate and echocollect e/r/m
  • Installation of dataFEED Exporter on the TIA computer required for export (Openness interface)
  • Free of charge when using Softing products
  • Supporting all current Windows operating systems as well as virtual environments

DataFEED Exporter

  • Simple item syntax export out of Siemens STEP 7 and TIA Portal projects
  • Generation of encrypted symbol file, for import into Softing products
  • For use with dataFEED OPC Suite, uaGate SI, edgeGate and echocollect e/r/m
Supported ControllersSiemens S7-300/400/1200/1500
Supported Engineering ToolsSIMATIC STEP 7, TIA-Portal V13/V14/V15 including Service Packs
Supported Operation SystemsWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016
Supported Data TypesBool, Byte, Char, Word, Int, DWord, Dint, Real, Date, Time_Of_Day, Time, S5Time, Date_And_Time, String, UInt, USInt, UDInt, Sint, Struct, 0xFFFF (Folder)
LicensingFree when using Softing products
Suitable forechocollect e/r/m, uaGate SI, edgeGate, Industrial IoT Starter Kit, dataFEED OPC Suite, dataFEED OPC Server Siemens
File size85 MB
OutputEncrypted secure Softing .sdfi data file

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