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Simultaneous Operation of two Devices on one S5 PG Interface

PG-MUX II enables the simultaneous operation of two devices on one S5 PG interface: Connection of programming device, text display, operator panel or other process devices, that understand the PG protocol AS511.

  • Interface doubling for PG connection to a SIMATIC S5
  • Compatible with all S5 controllers including CPU 945. Since physical connection, pin allocation, and the electrical data conform to the PG/PLC interfaces, you can use your regular cables to connect the devices without having to bother with adapters
  • When two PGs are connected to one PLC, all PG functions except “process command” can be executed simultaneously on both PGs
  • Industrial metal housing
  • All interfaces and control elements in the front
  • Including connection cable
PLC InterfaceTTY (20 mA), active
PG1 + PG 2 InterfaceTTY (20 mA), active
Protocols2 x AS511 or
1 x SINEC-L1-Bus
and 1 x AS511
  • AS511 (PG Protocol) – AS511 (PG Protocol)
  • AS511 (PG Protocol) – SINEC-L1-BUS
  • SINEC-L1-BUS  – AS511 (PG Protocol)
Power Supply230 V AC and 24 V DC
Dimensions[in mm]L = 190, D = 110, H = 50
400-9361-05PG-MUX II, EURO (230V)

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