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eXport Software – Manage certification projects and create reports

Manage certification projects and create reports for WireXpert and FiberXpert
One Software for both WireXpert and FiberXpert
The eXport reporting software allows the user to centrally manage test results for copper and fiber-optic cables in a single program. Measurement data can be quickly imported with the software from the certification device. A new compressed file format results in small file sizes without loss of detail and allows very fast data exchange. The reports can be saved both as PDF and CSV files. All results from both the WireXpert 4500 and the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 (*. Sor) can be centrally documented. The graphs can display the individual RF parameters documenting and certifying the installed cable’s ability to transmit the customer required Ethernet speeds.

Before a project even begins, cable installation project managers use eXport and the world’s first List-Based Testing tool to generate labels for cables and test labels.  Use the cable label generation tool to quickly generate 1000’s of cable labels to be printed and afixed to your cables and patch panels.  That same list of cables can be downloaded to the WireXpert where you now have a list of tests to run so you can certify cables efficiently in the order you require to complete the job fast.  If a test fails, or cable is not ready to test, move on while the cable is being repaired, select the cable you want to test, and now the job keeps progressing.

Use with both WireXpert and FiberXpert
Capable of reading *.sor and *.flw file format
Export reports to *.csv or *.pdf file format
Import data from local PC, USB drive, or direct from WireXpert
Easy to use
View detailed test results with data plots
Use your own company logo on reports
Available in several languages
Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Create certification reports for end customers and for cable warrantees
Manage cable projects before you go into the field: create cable labels to afix to cables.  This simultaneously creates a list of tests to download to the WireXpert to maximize your efficiency with List-based Testing
Increase your productivity and use the eXport software to manage WireXpert 4500 and FiberXpert OTDR 5000 (Bellcore file format)
Create PDF reports and send test results from anywhere

included in WireXpert delivery