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Passerelle Ethernet pour contrôleur SIMATIC S5

Integration simple et rapide de la technologie S5 dans une technology Ethernet. Programme ent affichage STEP5  avec capture de données “Process”, en même temps avec un seul controleur. Les données S5 peuvent être accédées directement via SIMATIC S7

csm_S5-PCLink_217e4e4f7f (1)

Space-Saving and Quick to Connect

  • Ultra compact Ethernet gateway in 15-pin D-sub housing
  • Connection to controller via programming interface
  • Powered by controller or external power supply
  • Connection to Ethernet typically via hubs or switches
  • Status display via LED

Easy Configuration for Both Local and Remote Access

  • Support of 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet with automatic detection
  • IP address assignment either through manual configuration or from DHCP server
  • Connected SIMATIC S5 reachable via Ethernet, directly on site or from remote network computer on the network

Data Integration Without Changes to Control Program

  • Communication synchronized with PLC allowing parallel access to SIMATIC S5 data by multiplexing
  • No need for interrupting application in favour of another
  • STEP5 programming via Ethernet and virtual COM interface
  • Reading and writing of data from SIMATIC S7 controllers supporting TCP/IP PUT/GET without changes to SIMATIC S5 project
  • Optional access to controller data via OPC Server
Supported S5 controllers SIMATIC S5 AG 90U … SIMATIC S5 AG 155U
S5 data types E, A, M, DB, Z, T
PLC interface SIMATIC S5 programming device port, 15-pin connector, 9.6 KBaud
Ethernet interface RJ45, 100 Mbit/s and 10 Mbit/s, automatic detection
Communication types AS511,
RK512 (programming device connection through STEP5 and virtual COM port)
ISO (H1),
ISO on TCP (RFC 1006),
IP address Manually configurable, via DHCP server, auto IP
Supported Software Softing S7/S5 OPC Server
Siemens STEP5
OPC Clients, e.g. Citect, InTouch, RSView, WinCC
Power supply 24 VDC, 80 mA, from SIMATIC S5 controller or external
Dimensions (H x W x D) 42 mm x 15 mm x 65 mm
System requirements PC/programming device with Windows 98/Windows NT/Windows 2000/Windows XP and 10/100 MBit Ethernet
S5-PCLink S5-PCLink

Scope of Delivery

Hardware S5-PCLink gateway
Documentation Printed quick reference guide, manual on CD-ROM


Step5 displays “Error 0334” when I want to establish a connection via the S5-PCLink

Please download and install the software patch s5vir122.exe from our download area.

I cannot change any settings in the S5-PCLink (e.g. IP address, name, etc….) with the S5-LanManager

Firmware version 1.03 or newer is installed in the S5-PCLink (check S5-LanManager).

Please download an update of the S5-LanManager from our web site. Replace the installed files (C:\Program Files\Softing\S5-PCLink\… ) with those from the file.

Communication with the PLC is sporadically broken or cannot be established at all

On S5 PLCs of type S5U115-944 and -928B, the power sources needed by our S5-PCLink are often defective. This is indicated by a failure to connect to the PLC (green LED on S5-PCLink flashes once approx. every 4 seconds) or a broken connection at irregular intervals.

Pinging the S5-PCLink works.

You will need a power source adapter that can be added between the PLC and the S5-PCLink, and provides the power sources.
Please contact our sales department if you need this adapter.

What is the default IP address of the S5-PCLinks (factory setting)

There is no default IP address setting. The IP address is automatically assigned by the DHCP server per default.

If there is no DHCP server available, then the module will use a random address from the IP address space 169 – … (after about 1 minute).

In case the device will not be shown in the S5-LAN-Manager then connect it directly with a crossover network cable and your PC. Please disable the Firewall. You can then configure the device in the S5-LAN-Manager. (For the operation mode this function is not necessary).

S5-PCLink is not found in the S5-LAN-Manager

Possible causes:

  • IP address / port is blocked by the firewall . Please disable the firewall and then search again in the S5-LAN-Manager. Ports see below.
  • A virus scanner could also block the communication, so please turn off the virus scanner.
  • There is a router between the PC and the module (especially NAT router), which does not forwards the search to the broadcasts.
  • If a VPN connection is used then the required ports must be free.



  • 65467 (UDP): Search S5-LAN by S5-LAN-Manager/PLCVCOM
  • 65467 (TCP): Search S5-LAN by S5-LAN-Manager/PLCVCOM
  • 10010 (TCP):  PG port ( PLCVCOM )
  • 2002  (TCP): S5 server port ( VIPA )
  • 102   (TCP): S5 server port ( RFC1006)


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