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epGatePN : Passerelle Ethernet IP -> PROFINET

Passerelle Ethernet IP vers PROFINET

Integration d’esclaves  PROFINET I/O via un mapping dans les systèmes de contrôles Ethernet IP


La passerelle epGatePN, élabore une passerelle entre un réseau Ethernet IP et jusqu’à 32 esclaves PROFINET. Alors qu’une des ports RJ45 se connecteau réseau Ethernet IP, l’autre port de la passerelle agit comme un controleur PROFINET. Il permet l’intégration de produits PROFINET à un réseau existant Ethernet IP. L’outil de configuration disponible, permet de définir la configuration PROFINET, d’utiliser les symboles et le “mapping” pour la/les PLCs Ethernet IP. Ainsi l’utilisateur est déchargé des taches suspectibles d’erreurs et défini individuellement l’accès aux données des 2 cotés de la passerelle.

Solutions similaires:
epGate DP: Integration de segments PROFIBUS DP dans un système Ethernet/IP
epGate PA: Integration de 4 segments PROFIBUS PA dans un système Ethernet/IP
epGate PB: Integration de 2 segments PROFIBUS PA  & 1 segment PROFIBUS DP dans un système Ethernet/IP

Simple Integration Through Add-On Instructions

  • Data access of PLC program to PROFINET Devices without requiring detailed PROFINET knowledge
  • Mapping between the two protocols generated by provided tools
  • Usage of Add-On Instructions (AOI), containing detailed PROFINET data type definitions
  • Transparent communication overcoming protocol differences

Time Saving Configuration Creation and Verification

  • Configuration tool for online access to PROFINET Devices via the network
  • Easy assignment of device properties
  • Early identification of discrepancies between offline configuration and real situation

Built-In Web Server For Monitoring And Interaction

  • Status information about both protocols
  • Monitoring of mapping as well as of exchanged data
  • Individual modification of FG-260 settings, including address information
  • Download and upload of all FG-260 configuration information using web server

Different Use Cases are addressed

  • Direct access from Ethernet/IP Scanner in the PLC to PROFINET field devices
  • Access to machines with internal PROFINET network by deploying I-Device capabilities
ProcessorAltera Cyclone V SoC with Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9
Status LEDs (Gateway)PWR (power supply), RUN (running), ERR (error), CFG (configuration upload)
Status LEDs (EtherNet/IP)Net (network), Mod (module)
Status LEDs (PROFINET)SF (system fault), BF (bus fault)
Connectors2 x IEEE 802.3 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T (1 Ethernet port per protocol)
Dimensions (HxWxD)100 mm x 35 mm x 105 mm
Weightca 0.25 kg
Power Supply18 VDC … 32 VDC, SELV/PELV supply mandatory
Typically 200 mA, maximum 1 A at switch-on
Operating Temperature, Horizontal DIN Rail Installation-40 °C … 55 °C (0 mm minimum distance)
-40 °C … 65 °C (17.5 mm minimum distance)
Operating Temperature, Vertical DIN Rail Installation-40 °C … 40 °C (0 mm minimum distance)
-40 °C … 50 °C (17.5 mm minimum distance)
Storage Temperature-40 °C … 85 °C
Relative Humidity10 % … 90 %, non condensing
CoolingConvection, no fan
MountingDIN Rail (35 mm)
Protection ClassIP20
ProtocolsEtherNet/IP Adapter (Up to 2 input and 2 output assemblies with up to 255 Bytes data each, minimum RPI: 8 ms)
PROFINET Controller (up to 8 devices at 1 ms cycle time)
Additional FunctionalityMapping application, web server
Supported Versions of Rockwell Automation PLC Programming SoftwareV16 – V21
Emission ConformityEC Directive 2004/108/EG “Electromagnetic Compatibility“, EN 55011, Group 1, Class A
EC Directive 2004/108/EG “Electromagnetic Compatibility“, EN 55022, Class A
EC Directive 2004/108/EG “Electromagnetic Compatibility“, EN 61000, Part 6-4
FCC CFR45, Part 15 Section 15.107 and 15.109 (Class A),
VCCI Class A Information Technology Equipment 2002
Immunity ConformityEC Directive 2004/108/EG “Electromagnetic Compatibility“, EN 61000, Part 6-2
EN/IEC 61010-1 and CB
EN/IEC 61010-2-201 and CB
UL 61010-1 and UL 61010-2-201

Scope of Delivery

HardwarePasserelle epGatePN
SoftwareEDS File, Outils de configuration et outils de recherche sur CD
DocumentationQuick Startup Guide documentation, User Guide sur CD-ROM

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