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dataFEED OPC Classic SDK


  • OPC Classic Softing pour communication avec les environnements “Automatisme”
  • Interface de programmation d’applications optimisée
  • Fonctionalités étendues; disponibles sous forme de librairies

Performance éprouvée

  • Continuously enhanced since 1997 in response to evolving technologies
  • In use in several thousand OPC products at more than 1,600 companies around the world
  • Ideal for time-critical control tasks as well as complex projects comprising several hundred thousand items
  • Fitting to wide range of Windows development environments and target systems

Interface d’intégration facile et rapide

  • Intuitive C++ and .NET API
  • Integrated wizards for easy application generation
  • Quick start with easy-to-understand documentation, tutorial and sample projects

Mise en service de votre application : très rapide

  • Extensive OPC DA and OPC AE library, adapted to customer requirements
  • Automatic generation of OPC project
  • Complete functionality for accessing OPC Namespace or Event Area, OPC Items as well as for event and method call handling
  • Only implementation of product-specific business logic required, no need to learn details of OPC specifications or DCOM and SOAP technologies
  • Saving of several months of work
OPC SpecificationsOPC Data Access V1.0a, V2.05, V3.0, OPC Alarms & Events V1.10
OPC RolesOPC Client, OPC Server
OPC TransportDCOM for OPC Data Access and Alarms & Events
OPC SecurityPartial Support of OPC Security Custom Interface V1.00
Programming InterfaceC++, C#, Visual Basic .NET
Development EnvironmentMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012,
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017,
.NET Framework 3.5, .NET Framework 4.0, .NET Framework 4.5, .NET Framework 4.6
Development Operating SystemsWindows 7, Windows 10
Windows Server 2008 RS2, Windows Server 2012
Target Operating Systems*Windows 7 (32 Bit, 64 Bit), Windows 8 (32 Bit, 64 Bit), Windows 10,
Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 RS2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016
OPC Compliance / CertificationOPC Foundation Test Lab certification for Demo Server and Demo Client
Regularly tested at OPC Foundation Interoperability Workshops
Successful pass of test with OPC Foundation Compliance Test Tool
Programming SupportWizard for automatic creation of OPC Client or OPC Server framework application
Comprehensive programming samples and tutorials
OPC Demo Client and Server with unlimited functionality and unlimited runtime available for testing and demonstration purposes
Trial VersionTrial toolkit assemblies contain the complete functionality. Limitation to 90-minute runtime period applies.
Trial version upgrades to unlimited functionality in binary format simply by using the binary license activation key
LicensingSingle Seat Developer License for specific OPC Toolkit features in source and binary Format
OPC-enabled applications based on source or binary format license can be deployed without limitations

* Please contact your sales representative for support of different compilers or operating system variants.
dataFEED OPC Classic SDKs are known to work on several platforms such as Windows CE, Linux, VxWorks, etc.

WRL-DD-034101 / WQL-DD-034201Client OPC DA Classic : licence développeur “toolkit”, format binaire /  format source
WRL-DD-034111 / WQL-DD-034211Client OPC AE Classic : licence développeur “toolkit”, format binaire /  format source
WRL-DD-034102 / WQL-DD-034202Serveur OPC DA Classic : licence développeur “toolkit”, format binaire /  format source
WRL-DD-034112 / WQL-DD-034212Serveur OPC AE Classic : licence développeur “toolkit”, format binaire /  format source
SIA-DD-030400Services d’intégration sur plateforme choisi par le client
LEA-DD-030300Licence “Site extension”  pour  dataFFED OPC SDKs
LMA-DD-034000Service et contrat de support pour le dataFFED OPC Classic SDKs

  • dataFEED OPC SDK, Client DA, format binaire : LMA-DD-034000-034101
  • dataFEED OPC SDK, Client AE, format binaire : LMA-DD-034000-034111
  • dataFEED OPC SDK, Serveur DA, format binaire : LMA-DD-034000-034102
  • dataFEED OPC SDK, Serveur AE, format binaire : LMA-DD-034000-034112

Ce que vous recevrez…

LogicielLogiciel à installer OPC Toolkits SDK sur DVD-ROM. Installation disponible également par téléchargement
SupportSupport technique dédié
Documentation“Online Help” en anglais au format CHM, que vous retrouverez sur l’installation su logicieml

Produits additionnels et services:

OPC-ENTW-TAGOPC engineering / consulting /  assistance