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Server eATM Serveur OPC UA


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eATM OPC UA Server Module for Rockwell ControlLogix PLC

eATM OPC UA Server Modules

eATM OPC UA Server Module for ControlLogix

Integrate an OPC UA Server Directly in Your ControlLogix Chassis

The eATM (Enterprise Appliance Transaction Module) in-chassis module puts an OPC UA Server inside your ControlLogix PLC enabling connectivity to OPC UA clients.

eATM OPC UA Server enables the data exchange between IT and plant floor,e.g. by downloading recipes and manufacturing instructions or by uploading product history or equipment monitoring.

Faster Implementation and Updates

  • “Configure & Go”: No software coding or scripting required for establishing connectivity
  • Automatic enumeration of PLC tags/structures for the local controller

OPC Foundation Certification

  • Module test by OPC Foundation, demonstrating OPC Excellence in Compliance, Interoperability, and Robustness
    See Certificate

Rock Solid Security

  • Virus-resistant eATM OPC UA Server module, as no PC hardware
  • Only possible module access through the configuration software with adjustable user privileges

Robust Data Handling

  • Access to controller data using native backplane communication based on Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner program
  • Data transmission using enhanced OPC UA security