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4 10/100/1000T PoE at + 2 Dual Speed SFP Industrial Unmanaged Switch


4 10/100/1000T PoE at + 2 Dual Speed SFP switch Industrial “non administrable”

  • Conformes aux directives du standard IEEE 802.3at/af PoE
  • Alimentation redondante
  • “Booster” d’alimentation de 12V à 48V DC
  • Temperature d’utilisation de  -40°C à 75°C

Le switch IGS-0204DSFP est un  4* 10/100/1000T + 2 Dual Speed SFP Switch Industriel.  Ce switch extra plat, peut se fixer sur un mur ou via DIN rail, faisant de ce switch facile a flexible

Le switch IGS-0204DSFP a été conçu our répondre aux exigences industriels les plus strictes. Avec un boitier  IP30, il rempli toutes les exigences industriels standard EMI EMC. Mécanique testée contre les choques et vibration. Ce switch support des températures d’utilisation de  -40°C to 75°C.

  • DIP switch to adjust SFP 100M or 1000M speed
  • Back-plane (Switching Fabric): 12Gbps
  • Supports wide operating temperature (-40°C~75°C)
  • Redundant power with polarity reverse protection
  • IP-30 protection with DIN Rail and Wall Mount design
  • Relay output for power fail and alarm

Hardware Specifications

Switch Architecture Back-plane (Switching Fabric): 12Gbps
Transfer Rate 14,880pps for Ethernet port
148,800pps for Fast Ethernet port
1,488,000pps for Gigabit Ethernet port
Packet Buffer 1Mbits
Mac Address 8K MAC address table
Connector 10/100/1000T: 4 x RJ-45
Mini-GBIC: 2 x 100/1000 Dual Speed SFP Sockets
DIP Switch SFP Speed 1000M or 100M
Protocol CSMA/CD
LED Per unit: Power 1 (Green), Power 2 (Green), Fault (Red)
4 port 10/100/1000T: Link/Activity (Green), Full duplex/Collision (Yellow)
SFP port: LNK/ACT(Green)
Power Supply Dual DC 9.5V~56V
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% (Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 75°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Case Dimension IP30, 43mm (W) x 152mm (H) x 105mm (D)
Installation DIN rail or Wall mounting design
EMC/EMI FCC Class A, CE EN61000-4-2 (ESD), CE EN61000-4-3 (RS), CE EN-61000-4-4 (EFT),
CE EN61000-4-5 (Surge), CE EN61000-4-6 (CS), CE EN61000-4-8, CE EN55022 Class A, CE EN55024
Stability Testing IEC60068-2-32 (Free fall), IEC60068-2-27 (Shock), IEC60068-2-6 (Vibration)
MTBF 1,890,546 hrs
Warranty 5 years

Accessoires Optionnels – Mini GBIC (SFP)

Nom et description
8330-162X MINI GBIC 1000SX (LC/0.5KM) Transceiver 8330-187 LTSFP-1000BX-20KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
8330-163X MINI GBIC 1000SX2 (LC/2KM) Transceiver 8330-180 LTSFP-1000BX-40KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
8330-165X MINI GBIC 1000LX (LC/10KM) Transceiver 8330-182 LTSFP-1000BX-40KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
8340-0591 MINI GBIC 1000LHX (LC/40KM) Transceiver 8330-181 LTSFP-1000BX-60KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)
8330-166 MINI GBIC 1000XD (LC/50KM) Transceiver 8330-183 LTSFP-1000BX-60KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
8330-169 MINI GBIC 1000XD (LC/60KM) Transceiver 8330-184 LTSFP-1000BX-80KM Transceiver (WDM 1490)
8330-167 MINI GBIC 1000ZX (LC/80KM) Transceiver 8330-185 LTSFP-1000BX-80KM Transceiver (WDM 1550)
8330-170 MINI GBIC 1000EZX (120KM) Transceiver 8330-071 125Mbps BiDi SFP 2KM (WDM 1310) Transceiver
8330-168 MINI GBIC 10/100/1000T (100m) Transceiver 8330-072 125Mbps BiDi SFP 2KM (WDM 1550) Transceiver
8330-060 100Base FX 2KM, Multi-mode, LC Transceiver 8330-069 125Mbps BiDi SFP 20KM (WDM 1310) Transceiver
8330-065 100Base FX 5KM, Multi-mode, LC Transceiver 8330-068 125Mbps BiDi SFP 20KM (WDM 1550) Transceiver
8330-061 100Base LX 30KM, Single-mode, LC Transceiver 8330-080 125Mbps BiDi SFP 40KM (WDM 1310) Transceiver
8330-197 1.25Gbps BiDi SFP 0.5KM Transceiver (WDM 1310) 8330-082 125Mbps BiDi SFP 40KM (WDM 1550) Transceiver
8330-198 1.25Gbps BiDi SFP 0.5KM Transceiver (WDM 1550) 8330-081 125Mbps BiDi SFP 60KM (WDM 1310) Transceiver
8330-195 1.25Gbps BiDi SFP 2KM Transceiver (WDM 1310) 8330-083 125Mbps BiDi SFP 60KM (WDM 1550) Transceiver
8330-196 1.25Gbps BiDi SFP 2KM Transceiver (WDM 1550) 8330-084 125Mbps BiDi SFP 80KM (WDM 1310) Transceiver
8330-188 1.25Gbps BiDi SFP 10KM Transceiver (WDM 1310) 8330-085 125Mbps BiDi SFP 80KM (WDM 1550) Transceiver
8330-189 1.25Gbps BiDi SFP 10KM Transceiver (WDM 1550) 8330-191 Dual Speed SFP 100M/1000M-LX 10KM Transceiver
8330-186 1.25Gbps BiDi SFP 20KM Transceiver (WDM 1310)